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Modern hormone therapy for breast cancer has received significant development in recent years. Despite the different mechanisms of action of hormonal drugs Arimidex, endogenous estrogens are the main target of endocrinotherapy. The role of all known methods of hormonal therapy is reduced to a decrease in the proliferating effect of estradiol on breast cancer cells by blocking hormone receptors or reducing the concentration of estradiol in serum and tissues. Hormone therapy is the main method of treating patients in menopause. Great importance is attached to new drugs that block the activity of the aromatase enzyme in the tumor. Suppose a man is born with burdened heredity. He has a damaged mutant gene, which, circulating in the genus even before the time of its birth, noted its hereditary properties - the genotype. Does this mean that the man will fall ill Is it fatal It turns out no. It only means that he has a predisposition, for the realization of which one or other provoking stimuli are required. It has been proven by the work of geneticists that under favorable conditions, the damaged gene may not show its aggressiveness. A medicine, the overall healthy status of the body can pacify its aggressiveness.


Unfavorable environmental conditions almost always increase the aggressiveness of pathological genes and can provoke a disease that would not manifest itself in other circumstances. And if everything is all right with heredity, how will events develop then If the parents are healthy and they have a healthy man, does this mean that he will be healthy all his life. The aromatase inhibitor anastrozole (Arimidex), disrupting the formation of estrogen from androgens, leads to inhibition of tumor growth and its regression. Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of anastrozole in the treatment of 1 line of common hormone-dependent breast cancer in postmenopause and during adjuvant treatment. The high efficacy of cheap anastrozole in combination with goserelin in neoadjuvant hormone therapy of common breast cancer in patients with positive receptors for estrogen and progesterone has been noted. Anastrozole has established itself as the drug of choice in hormone therapy line 2 in the event of disease progression during treatment with tamoxifen.

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The main source of estrogen formation in women in menopause is androstenedione and testosterone. Their transformation occurs in adipose and muscle tissues, liver, adrenal glands and in the tumor tissue itself due to the aromatase enzyme, while aromatase is not involved in the synthesis of glucocorticoids and mineralcorticoids. Aromatase reaction involves multiple hydroxylation of androgenic precursors with the participation of specific cytochrome aromatase. Inhibition of the enzyme can be achieved in two main ways: competition with a natural substrate at the site of binding of androstenedione type 1 inhibition or interaction with the iron atom in porphyrin cytochrome 2 type of inhibition. Type 1 inhibitors, such as exemestane, are analogs of steroids and androgens. A measure of the adequacy of attitudes toward health in behavior can be the degree of compliance of actions and actions of a person to Buy Arimidex with the requirements of a medicine, as well as the regulatory requirements of medicine, sanitation and hygiene. In the statements of opinions and judgments, it acts as the level of awareness and competence of the individual. Attitude to health includes a person's self-assessment of his physical and mental state, which is a kind of indicator and regulator of his behavior. Self-assessment of the physical and mental state acts as a real indicator of people's health, since a fairly high level (70-80% of cases) of its compliance with an objective characteristic of health was found. Every person wants to be healthy.

The role of arimidex (anastrozole) in modern endocrine therapy

However, even in a situation of illness, people often behave inadequately to their condition, not to mention the fact that in the absence of illness they do not always comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements. Obviously, the reason for buy Arimidex online discrepancy between the need for health and its actual daily realization by a person is that health is usually perceived by people as something unconditionally given, as a self-evident fact, the need for which, although realized, but like oxygen, is felt only in its situation. They are metabolized by aromatase to inactive intermediate substances, their connection with the aromatase molecule is irreversible, and synthesis of a new enzyme is necessary to restore the synthesis of estrogens. Therefore, steroidal inhibitors are now referred to as aromatase inactivators or suicidal inhibitors. In contrast to aromatase inactivators, exposure to non-steroidal inhibitors is usually reversible and depends on the continued presence of the drug. Synthesis of estrogen can resume after the termination of these inhibitors. Moreover, type 2 drugs directed against the iron atoms of cytochrome, as well as other steroid hydroxylases, are not specific enough. This is especially true for the first generation of aromatase inhibitors, such as aminoglutethimide.

Comparative analysis of the use of anastrozole

Newly developed drugs from the group of aromatase inhibitors Anastrozole Arimidex, letrazole have selectivity to cytochrome, and therefore selectively inhibit the enzyme. So, the main task to get Arimidex without prescription anti-estrogens and aromatase inhibitors is the suppression of estrogenic effects on tumor growth, but anti-estrogens compete with estrogens for receptors, the complex with which reacts with DNA, where the transcription signals from tumors come from. Aromatase inhibitors inhibit the synthesis of basic estrogen - estrone, and as a result of their use there is no one to interact with the receptors. The study of people's value orientations on a medicine allows us to identify among them conditionally four groups. The first group includes absolute, universal human values that have received great value from people. These include: successful family life, courage and honesty, health, all-round personal development, intellectual abilities, willpower and composure, ability to communicate, possessing beauty and expressiveness of movements. The second group of primary values is a good physique and physical condition, authority among others. The third group of values received the name of the contradictory for the fact that they simultaneously presented signs of large and small value.

Actual problems of Arimidex availability and quality

The first non-steroidal inhibitor is aminoglutethimide, which in two comparative studies with tamoxifen showed no advantage in therapeutic efficacy, and considering its poorer tolerance compared with tamoxifen and progestins, it ranked third in hormone therapy of advanced breast cancer. The second generation of forarmestan antiaromatics, fadrozole in randomized trials with tamoxifen also showed no significant advantages in therapeutic efficacy and tolerability. It includes the Arimidex USA availability of material goods, success in work, satisfaction with studies, exercise and sports, a good level of development of physical qualities, an interesting vacation. The fourth group of values is called private, because people attach little importance to its content - knowledge of the functioning of the human body, physical fitness for the chosen profession, and social activity. The third generation of nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors anastrozole, Arimidex cost already in the first comparative studies with megestrol acetate 2, the line of hormonal therapy demonstrated greater efficacy and a better range of side effects. In a further study compared with tamoxifen 1, the endocrinotherapy line showed advantages in time to progression and a decrease in the frequency of side effects characteristic of tamoxifen.

Prescribing information, side effects and uses

Determination of estrogen and progesterone receptors in breast tumors makes it possible to reliably express their suspected sensitivity to hormone therapy. The presence of both types of receptors characterizes the highest efficiency of this method, reaching 80%. The response to hormone therapy in the presence of receptors of one type is reduced to 40%, but even in the presence of receptor-negative tumors, endocrinotherapy can be successful in 10% of cases. The judgments of people about the influence of physical culture on the general cultural development of an individual are more connected with the improvement of the forms of physical and functional development. What diseases does it treat? A marked decrease in the influence of physical culture on other aspects of the personality and its activity is due to the physical education at the university, the insufficient implementation of its humanitarian content, negative experience of previous activities, the impact of the immediate environment, etc. Fewer than a quarter of people are involved in regular physical and sports activities at leisure. In the absence of information about the receptor status of the tumor, one can focus on indirect signs: postmenopausal age, prolonged disease-free interval between operations and metastatic manifestations, preferential damage to soft tissues, lymph nodes, bone system. Until recently, antiestrogens, in particular, tamoxifen, was considered the gold standard for treating breast cancer patients in menopause with positive hormone receptors. Tamoxifen was used in the first line of metastatic breast cancer, neoadjuvant and adjuvant hormone therapy. New achievements and prospects in endocrinotherapy of breast cancer are associated with the emergence of third-generation aromatase inhibitors.

Purpose of new generation aromatase inhibitors

Recent studies in the adjuvant hormone therapy for breast cancer have shown that aromatase inhibitors are ready to take the lead, pushing the adjuvant therapy standard — tamoxifen. Anastrazole Arimidex, Pharmaceutical Company is a third-generation non-steroidal selective aromatase inhibitor. The pharmacokinetics of the drug has been thoroughly studied. Arimidex is rapidly and completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, the maximum concentration is noted after 2 hours, the plateau is reached on the 7th day of treatment. Anastrozole USA next day express delivery and big discount, the drug is metabolized in the liver, the half-life is 30-60 hours. Only 10% of the unchanged drug and 70% of metabolites are excreted in the urine.

Anastrozole in the treatment of cancer patients

There is no need to adjust the dose of the drug for liver or renal failure. Arimidex is well tolerated and rarely leads to a sensation of hot flashes and dryness of the vaginal mucosa, in addition, there may be disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, drowsiness, asthenia, and headaches. However, cases of drug withdrawal due to side effects do not exceed 3%. The drug is not contraindicated in patients with a history of thromboembolic complications in history and hypertension. Arimidex in second-line hormone therapy for advanced breast cancer with progression after tamoxifen. The results of buy generic accutane two multicenter studies in the United States compared the efficacy and toxicity of Arimidex at doses of 1 and 10 mg per day and megestrol acetate at a dose of 160 mg per day during hormone therapy 2 lines after progression on tamoxifene in patients with advanced breast cancer. When using Arimidex at a dose of 1 mg per day, there was no statistically significant difference in the 2-year survival rates in patients who achieved complete and partial regression or only stabilization of 85% versus 86%. A dose of 10 mg did not improve the results of treatment with Arimidex. Thus, the new aromatase inhibitors, in particular, Save money when safely buying Arimidex online firmly took the position of progestins in the second line of hormone therapy after antiestrogens with advanced breast cancer, not only due to greater efficiency, but also less toxicity. Today, it is considered unreasonable to prescribe progestins after ineffective treatment with antiestrogens.